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Anxiety Leads to Bad Decisions. Here’s Why You Need to Prioritize Employee Mental Health.

No matter what you do for work, decision-making is at the center of it. As humans, we spend every day making decisions — big and small, cautious and impulsive.

firing somebody

Firing somebody terrified me — but the advice I got made a huge difference.

Slack’s head of infrastructure engineering Julia Grace has faced plenty of challenges in her career, including firing somebody.

skills every manager needs

10 Key Skills Every Manager Needs

The business world is changing fast. Faster than ever. So what are the Top 10 skills every manager needs? Management Centre Europe made a top notch list.

team building

Team Building Activities Don’t Have to Suck

With a little bit of research, ingenuity, and planning, you could pull together the company retreat of a lifetime. Ready to be a team building hero?

Body language

How Team Members Read a Leader’s Body Language

Do you know that your team is constantly evaluating your emotions through cues in your body language – and that they can do so in a fraction of a second?

10 rules to build a great team

10 rules to build a great team

Key highlights of the article: how to build a great team working environment and how to make a team work