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How to use your boss’s feedback to get promoted

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In the throes of a busy work environment, getting regular, productive feedback from your boss can be like pulling teeth. So, when you finally get that sweet, sweet one-on-one, you better know how to use it to your advantage. Here are a few tricks and tips from the Harvard Business Review on how to use your boss’ feedback to get promoted and start movin’ on up in the world:

The tricks

  • Be proactive. Set the scene. Ensure you get the meeting you want by asking for it, and set a time to get it. It’s usually best to set a time during a monthly meeting so your boss doesn’t view it as an obligation.
  • Ask questions that force specific answers. One-on-one meetings are a breeding ground for general notions and assurances. Instead of saying, “Do you have feedback for me?” Try to frame your question within a specific event in memory.

The tips

  • Focus on compliments. While you might think focusing on your weaknesses is the best way to improve, studies show that focusing on your boss’ praise can help increase your performance at work, and make key business decisions more confidently.
  • Be open to criticism. If your manager cares enough to present negative feedback, be gracious. Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions — ya gotta know the specifics if you’re gonna learn from your mistakes.
Alright great. You’re ready for that corner office now. Save us a seat at the exec table.